Woops, that was a bit of an impromptu hiatus. I haven’t been able to update over the past few months, mostly because they were terrible, but hopefully I’ll be back to posting whatnots and that things start looking up.

Incidentally, I’m updating today because today was deecon…d-con…doj-con…the name changes every year. I made card things and handed a few of them out, so if anyone turns up here HELLO I AM ALIVE YES.


New store!

I dumped zazzle! It was fine for a while, but I did have major criticisms with that site.

The product creation process was basically like the  finicky, tricky version of mass producing. If I wanted to use the quick create tool,  I’d have to go through all the items individually and fix the sizes on everything (and when you can make up to 200 items in one go, you’re at a high risk of getting hand cramps). Plus, because of the ease of access on the quick create tool, the site is utterly swamped with rubbish. I tried scrolling through the marketplace a few times and found the occasional really nice item amid the sea of empty white space.

Speaking of terrible items, there’s no dignity there when it comes to public domain pictures.  Seriously, why would you even? Not to mention the mustaches. I can’t even remember how many products there are with mustaches on them from innumerable sellers, I had to block them from my search results.

Secondly, I was aiming for a major overhaul of my store, shifting products around, deleting categories, making new ones. Could I do it? No. Was the option there? Yes.  My profile seemed to be having a “lolnope” moment.

So I thought, “sod it”, and joined society6.  http://society6.com/FeralShorton There’s not much there at the moment, but SOON.




Catch up

Ok, I haven’t been as active as I would like to have been on the internet and I think most of that’s down to me using the internet as a form of escapism rather than a useful way to make stuff and meet people.  Seriously though, tumblr is a glorious, wonderous, terrifying time sink.

But I want to get my ass in gear.  Inaction breeds laziness and pessimism, after all.

Hopefully, soon I’ll start making youtube videos split 50/50 between art critique and SUPER CHEAP FOOD STUFFS, because  I do love a good bargain.

And I will have to get back into Wakers. In short, I will do EVERYTHING.